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A pediatric root canal is no different than a traditional root canal. A pediatric root canal, also known as a baby root canal, is a nerve treatment children receive when a cavity affects the pulp and nerve below the tooth. If your child is complaining of a toothache or discomfort, our office offers the option of getting a baby root canal to help restore their smile! To learn more about getting a baby root canal for your child, reach out to our office, and our team will be in touch shortly to assist you.

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Are baby root canals safe?

A baby root canal is a form of children’s pulpal therapy. Pulpal therapy can treat, restore, or maintain the natural tooth that has been affected or is suffering from decay, damage, or infection. Pulpal therapy can save primary and secondary teeth. A baby root canal, and pulpectomy, is part of this therapy. A pulpectomy removes the pulp from the crown and roots of the tooth, preventing further pain and decay. When a crown or filling is placed after this, it is considered a root canal. Both are safe and effective.

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How is the aftercare of having a baby root canal?

Baby root canal aftercare is important to follow to ensure that your child has no more pain. But there may likely be some soreness or discomfort after the baby root canal procedure. Just like a traditional root canal, soft foods are encouraged for about two days. You can continue to brush and floss your child’s teeth to maintain good oral hygiene. When you come in to discuss a pediatric root canal, we will provide you with the information you need for successful baby root canal aftercare.

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When do I know if my child needs a baby root canal?

While only a dental professional can correctly diagnose if your child needs a baby root canal, there are some common signs. Sensitivity to hot or cold food and drinks, swelling of the gums, or even gum abscess can give you a general idea if your child needs a baby root canal. If your child also constantly complains of a toothache, that is also a good sign they may need a baby root canal. While sometimes cavities and accidents happen, following routine visits and taking care of your child’s oral hygiene can prevent a baby root canal from being the only option!

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