Sedation Dentistry
in Columbus, OH

Sedation Options

For some children, it is just impossible to stay still in a chair for what can feel like an eternity! When just lying back – looking at the ceiling or TV, coupled with the natural reactions of a child feeling their teeth being worked on or their mouth being stretched or then having a gag reflex, you’ve got yourself a very bumpy dental intervention or experience! To make the procedure go as smooth as possible, your doctor may recommend sedation for your child.

Your doctor will collaborate with you to determine whether nitrous oxide or general anesthesia is the best option for your child. These brief explanations will help you understand what each option entails and the instances for which they are best suited.

Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas)*

You may have had laughing gas at your own dental appointment. The same gas is used for children, at a dosage appropriate for your child’s age and level of anxiety. The child breathes in the sweet-smelling gas, mixed with oxygen, through a nasal hood (rubber nose). The patient soon begins to feel calm and silly! Sometimes a feeling of floating or being weightless is experienced. Nitrous oxide reduces the patient’s ability to sense mental or physical discomfort- time seems to pass quickly and the effects subside when we stop administering the gas (at that time, the patient then breathes in only oxygen through the nasal hood).

Nitrous oxide is best suited for children who need a little help to feel comfortable, be compliant and sit still long enough to safely complete a dental procedure. The child stays awake and can easily respond to questions and directions.

*Please note there may be an additional fee charged for nitrous oxide if your insurance does not offer it as a covered benefit.

General Anesthesia

Typically, your dentist will recommend general anesthesia for your child, due to the young age of a patient, high anxiety, special needs, certain medical conditions and/or the amount of treatment required. Treatment performed under general anesthesia renders your child asleep, which allows for a pain-free and atraumatic dental visit. All needed dental treatment will be performed at this one visit.

If your child needs to be completely asleep under general anesthesia, it is either performed at an outpatient surgery center/hospital or in-office using highly trained pediatric anesthesiologists and certified registered nurse anesthetists who administer the general anesthetics. We follow the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists, American Academy of Pediatricians and the American Academy of Anesthesiologists to ensure the utmost safety and care of your child.

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To discuss sedation dentistry for your child, call us at (614) 870-1333 and/or schedule a consultation with Dr. Gill. We also accept referrals from medical or dental offices for dental treatment under general anesthesia. Our pediatric dental office serves patients from Hilliard, Galloway, Grove City, Dublin, West Jefferson, central Columbus and other nearby communities.