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Are Gummy Vitamins Bad for My Child’s Teeth?

July 31, 2021 8:26 pm

It’s important that children get the nutrients and vitamins they need. When they aren’t getting all they need from their diet, certain vitamin supplements may be appropriate to help your child grow healthy and strong. However, not all vitamins and supplements are created equally. If you’re trying to choose which type of vitamins will benefit your child’s total health and be safe for their smile, here’s what you need to know about gummy vitamins.

Which Gummy Vitamins to Avoid

Gummy vitamins that contain sugar can increase their risk of tooth decay and tooth sensitivity due to weakened enamel. Because of their sticky consistency, the sugary particles linger on your child’s teeth. These particles become food for the bacteria in their mouth. As bacteria eat, they produce acidic byproducts that damage their enamel. Some gummy vitamins also contain citric acid. This ingredient can contribute to teeth demineralization and an increased risk of decay and sensitive teeth.

Sugar-Free Vitamins for Kids

Consult with your child’s pediatrician if they think your child would benefit from vitamin supplements. Some vitamins contain high amounts of nutrients a child may already be getting in their diet, making them redundant or even toxic. If your child’s primary care provider recommends vitamins, they can help you find a sugar-free pediatric vitamin without citric acid. This can provide healthful nutrients while still tasting good to your child.

Healthy Oral Care Habits for Kids

Provide a balanced diet for your child so they can obtain the nutrients their growing body needs. We also recommend that they brush their teeth twice a day for two minutes each time, floss every day, and visit the dentist twice a year. Oral health is closely linked with total-body health, so their smile can positively and negatively impact their overall wellness.

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